Cost Effective

With our tailored solutions you only pay for what you use.

Market leader

All of our applications are by hand-picked market leaders in their field.


We can scale your services so that they always match your business needs.

Mobile enabled

Give you field agents the same great experience as your office based users.

Quality solutions that don’t cost the earth

CloudSol provides businesses with market leading, cost effective solutions that enable them to work more efficiently.

IT Services

Our focus is on the IT service requirements of a modern business. We offer a wide range of hosted services alongside traditional IT and infrastructure solutions.

Customer Focused

At CloudSol, we believe in supporting our customers to improve how they run their business through more efficient use of resources, underpinned by best of breed technologies.



CloudSol works with industry-accredited partners to deliver reliable, high quality services focusing on customer satisfaction.


Our professional staff come with extensive technical know-how and practical experience of both large and small business environments.

SME Solutions

CloudSol’s portfolio of hosted services offers maximum flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness to start-up businesses, charities and SMEs. We provide access to best of breed software applications, delivered over the internet on a subscription basis. This enables you to improve business efficiency, reduce the demand for in-house IT expertise, free up IT staff to support business improvements, increase email security and provide reliable backup systems. All this for a very affordable and predictable monthly charge.


Microsoft Hosted Email / Office 365

Office email made simpler and more flexible with Microsoft Hosted Exchange available with Outlook (2016 – 2019). We offer the full suite of Office 365 services. We can help you with market leading Email anti-spam/malware and Business Email Compromise solutions built on AI/ML.


Microsoft Hosted SharePoint/Office 365/Microsoft Teams

The quickest and easiest way to create your own intranet site. Share files and work collaboratively, even from remote locations or between businesses, with Microsoft Hosted SharePoint, Office 365/Microsoft Teams and other Collaboration solutions.


Iron Mountain

How quickly could your business recover from loss of core files? Protect your business data with automated, efficient and secure backup from Iron Mountain.



Quick and easy to use encryption tools to protect your confidential business information. Send encrypted emails, protect data files and disable lost or stolen USBs at the click of a mouse with Cryptzone.


Internet Security

Access to best-of-breed Patch Management, anti-virus/Malware, anti-spam protection and Email filtering solutions with reduced IT workload. Our hosted solutions with Bitdefender, BitGlass (CASB), SolarWinds,Trend Micro, Heimdal, F-Secure, ESET, VIPRE/FuseMail, VADE Secure, and DeliverySlip among others make it easy and affordable to give your business the best protection from the increasing threat of cyber-crime. CloudSol will recommend a solution based on the specific functionality requirements of your business. Other marketing leading solutions are also available.


Sales and customer service solutions

Equip your sales and customer service staff with the tools to provide consistent, efficient service. Enhance customer loyalty and build profitability with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Enterprise Solutions

At CloudSol, our professional staff has a successful track record in managing the introduction of complex technical products and services for large enterprises and blue-chip companies.



Experienced consultants will work with you to capture your requirements. We take time to understand how your business works, identifying opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiencies using first-class technology.


Project Managment

We can offer full project design, management and ongoing support services, working closely with your own staff to ensure smooth transition. ensuring you can realise the potential of CloudSol solutions.

How do I purchase Cloudsol solutions?

At CloudSol, we place a high priority on customer satisfaction. That’s why we like to communicate with you first to confirm that we provide the right solutions to meet your business needs. We also want to ensure that you can receive reliable and consistent delivery of our services. CloudSol consultants will work with you to confirm that your IT infrastructure, especially your internet access, meet system requirements. That way your business benefits from quality services from the start.

Get in touch

Contact us, providing as much information as you can regarding the services you require, including user numbers and/or storage requirements.

Confirm options

We will respond promptly by email or phone (as you prefer) to discuss your business requirements and clarify options available to you. If more detailed consultation and advice are required (e.g. for larger projects) we can arrange to meet with you and develop a full project proposal with product specifications.

Written quotation

We will then send you a written estimate of the cost of your preferred options together with our standard terms and conditions. This will include details of any additional support, project management or installation services which you may have selected.

Infrastructure health check

If you wish to go ahead, we will help you confirm that your infrastructure and web access will support consistent provisioning of our service, by carrying out an IT Infrastructure Health Check.

Confirm delivery plan

We will agree on a delivery plan that clarifies the date on which your services will be activated. This can be immediate for straightforward solutions or small orders, or may form part of a more detailed testing and migration timetable within a larger or more complex transition.

Payment terms

Payment is required in advance for annual subscriptions and monthly in arrears for monthly subscriptions. Invoices are issued by email and payments are required by BACS directly to our bank account.

Provide user details

We will need some basic information from you, in order to provision the services. The exact details will vary depending on which services are chosen.

Delivery and support

We will take care of all the practicalities in close cooperation with you and/or your staff to ensure your services are activated and operating correctly. Clear User Guidelines will be provided to ensure that you understand how your services operate and how to carry out common functions. Our technical support team are able to answer your queries during migration or in the unlikely event that you experience a service failure. Ongoing support packages are available on request.

Solutions to suit you

Our solutions are suitable for both small and larger businesses, even without internal IT expertise. We ensure users have clear reference documents to guide them through everyday tasks and further training and support are available. Choose from CloudSol’s support services or go for self-service activation (see below). Either way, our advisers are available to answer questions and guide towards the best solutions to meet your needs.


Supported transitions

Seeking advice on the best solutions for your business? Need to demonstrate the business case for migrating services? Lack the IT know-how to confidently make the transition? At CloudSol, we understand that many businesses want or need greater support to make the transition. That’s why we offer various levels of support and advice to both prospective and existing customers.


Solution consultation

We can produce recommended solutions to meet your needs, clearly outlining the business case for each option.


IT health check

We will review your IT infrastructure and web access to confirm that your systems are suitable to ensure effective provisioning of our services


Self-service activation

If you know what you want and prefer to manage the transition, CloudSol services can be ordered through our contact form. Simply indicate the required services and specifications in your request.

Contact Us

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