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Works with any Antivirus solution?
Yes, Thor Foresight works with any antivirus engine on the market. Our unique threat prevention engines, will stop new 2nd generation attacks that no antivirus is able to block. Thor Foresight is the unique next generation prevention that will add to any existing endpoint security you have.

Since 2011, Heimdal Security have been leading the fight against cybercrime, developing new technologies and providing intelligence to protect over 1 million users against cybercriminal attacks and data security breaches.

Heimdal have a unique fully integrated network & endpoint protection suite with ground-breaking live threat intelligence, appraised by the FBI and products recommended by the RBS Banking Group.

Why Heimdal Security?

Thor Foresight Enterprise 2020 - Cybersecurity Solution by Heimdal Security

Privileged Access Management – Thor AdminPrivilege™ by Heimdal Security

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